Suite 1010
Suite 1010

Corporate Housing Versus Staying in a Hotel: A Cost Comparison
Many people are surprised to learn that leasing a fully-furnished corporate apartment often costs less than staying in a hotel during the same period They assume that because an apartment or condo offers more comfort and access to more amenities than a hotel room, it must cost more

The Editor's Desk
► MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: In the equivalent of tossing a bottle with a note tucked inside into the ocean, I'm sending out a heartfelt thanks to whoever it was who found my wallet on Canal Street in New Orleans on Sunday night, after my pocket was picked, and handed it to a police officer.

Dutchman arrested; now suspected in new slaying
LIMA, Peru - He was the last person to see two young women alive - one in Aruba, one in Peru exactly five years later, police say. Joran van der Sloot was caught in a taxi Thursday, several days' drive and a country away from the Lima hotel room where the second woman was found face down with a broken neck.

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